Leadership isn’t just about having confidence and conviction. The leaders of our community must be an example of fairness, honesty and humility. Good leaders don’t just manage others, they listen to their team, and they create a vision to accomplish their goals.  


As a public servant, the county clerk interacts with a diverse population of people from state leaders in Frankfort to young people seeking to register their car for the first time. As county clerk, I will serve our community with humility, and I will set forth a policy of openness and transparency. I will listen to the needs of our citizens in regards to the services that the clerk’s office offers, and I will create a positive environment where those needs can be met. I will encourage mutual respect for others, and I will inspire team members to do their best.




Providing equal access to services is only one aspect of fairness that our county clerk must ensure. The county clerk is also responsible for administering election laws and safeguarding the integrity of voting rolls.


As county clerk, I will make sure that all citizens seeking out services will be treated with dignity and respect, and I will make every effort to deliver an efficient, professional experience to everyone. In addition, I will work to make voter registration more accessible and take an active role in promoting equal participation in our elections. I will ensure that our citizens have the required information that is needed to register to vote and provide appropriate access to polling places throughout the county. I will actively fight against voter suppression and encourage participation in our elections.




The role of county clerk is integral to the success of our citizens as the office is responsible for issuing and registering motor vehicles, housing a multitude of legal records such as mortgages, liens, and deeds, and assessing and collecting property taxes.


How your tax dollars are spent is important to all of us. As county clerk, I will act responsibly with taxpayer money, and I will seek out ways to be cost efficient and avoid unnecessary expenses. I will continually look at ways to modernize the current processes in place to create a more convenient experience, and I will keep accurate records of all transactions. I will keep an open-door policy in regards to the concerns of our citizens, and I will listen and act upon those concerns whenever possible.